sqlTechhead Goal

This site will hold information on a range of coding technologies. I work as a SQL DBA so my core skills are Microsoft SQL Server and Powershell. However i have built this site to enable me to learn other languages and share my journey and findings with the coding community.

Technologies Covered

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a hugely powerful Relational Database System, it enables speedy querying of terabyte scale databases. The role of a MSSQL DBA includes but is not limited to, keeping the lights on, enabling super fast queries through query tuning and index creations and enabling secure servers for applications to connect to. It is a really interested career and one well worth investing in.


Google Big Query

Google BigQuery is a new technology to myself that i am attempting to learn. It is googles Serverless data warehouse offering. It enables aggregating and querying vast amounts of data at once while still returning data back in a timely manner. Coming under the Big Data category it is aone to definitely invest in as is very sought after.



Now python is a really cool language, being cross platform it already has the edge on a lot of other languages. Being universally available on linux and super easy to install on windows it allows familiar coding styles and syntax as well as powerful analytics. A very cool language for a data professional to learn.