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CosmosDB Quota Limits


Knowing your quota limits are very important when it comes to capacity planning, this page will act as a list of all those limits for database operations for easy reference. These tables come from the MSDN article which will be linked at the bottom of the page for a full list of quotas.

Provisioned Throughput

Minimum RU/s required per 1 GB10RUs
Maximum storage per containerUnlimited
Maximum storage across all items per (logical) partition20GB
Maximum RUs per partition (logical & physical)10,000
Maximum RUs per database1,000,000
Maximum RUs per container1,000,000
Maximum number of distinct (logical) partition keysUnlimited
Maximum attachment size per Account2GB

Minimum Throughput Limits

Azure sets a minimum throughput you must provision of 400RU/s as a first step when creating a container. This is to ensure that there is enough provisioned. This is a huge estimation though and it is highly likely you will exceed this if you have a high throughput system. Azure just needs to set the minimum limit somewhere.

As your container size grows, so does the minimum RU limit. This shouldn’t be an issue for you as long as you are monitoring your size and load.

Dedicated Throughput

The minimum throughout is worked out by taking the maximum value of below:

  • 400 RU/s
  • Current Storage in GB * 10RU/s
  • Highest RU/s ever provisioned on the container/100

So as an example if you have 1 database, 5 containers, 2TB worth of data in 1 container. You have provisioned 30,000 RU/s and havent ever provisioned higher than that, you would then be looking for the max of the below:

  • 400RU/s
  • (2,000GB * 10) = 20,000RU/s
  • (30,000RU/s / 100) = 300RU/s

Shared Throughput

On a shared throughput database one more equation is added:

  • 400 + MAX(Container count – 25, 0) * 100 RU/s

So using the same example we would be looking for the maximum value of:

  • 400RU/s
  • (2,000GB * 10) = 20,000RU/s
  • (30,000RU/s / 100) = 300RU/s
  • 400 +(MAX(5,0) * 100 RU/s) = 400 +0 = 400RU/s

Serverless Model

Serverless model is designed for workloads that arent always active and therefore provisioning constant throughput isnt needed. As such you will notice there are no minimum values for serverless

Maximum RU/s per container5,000
Maximum storage across all items per (logical) partition20GB
Maximum storage per container50GB

Other Quota Limits

As always there are limits on many more things to ensure consistency and allow Cosmos to scale so well. There are limits on things like:

  • Number of databases per account
  • Number of containers per database
  • Per container limits
  • Per item limits

Microsoft as always has an extensive list of all these limits which can be found below.


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